Tarot, the genius polymath, created the Dream Corporation so that people could control their own dreams and enjoy them in a safe environment. Early user feedback was excellent, but then things started to go wrong. Some dreamers were locked into their dreams, others began to go into comas and suffer brain damage. Apparently, safety protocols had been breached.

Was the AI-driven dream-ware infected with a virus? Had Tarot inadvertently tapped into the unknown layer beneath the unconscious mind, or was there any truth in the premise that ancient beings from a “dark” universe were penetrating the dream-ware firewalls and attacking the dreamers?

Travel with Tarot and his friends including, Millie and Donna on their perilous journey through the dream-worlds to discover the truth and save the dreamers from the darkness. And can Tarot reach the twins, Rio and Vanessa, and combine their minds with psychic thermonuclear effect to counter the Omega? When the line between reality and dreams is removed, how can anyone know what is real? Is anyone left awake?

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