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About the Author

Michael is an award-winning author who writes full time, He was born in London, UK and holds post-graduate degrees from City University in economics and law, and is a keen historian and educated in sociology.  Latterly he developed a keen interest in leading-edge physics and quantum physics which he deploys in his work, particularly the award-winning "Dream Corporation Trilogy."  

Michael believes that compassion is Humanity's greatest asset and that our ability to suspend it is our greatest failure.  All of his writing concerns a better future for us and is designed to uplift, enlighten, entertain and surprise.  



Michael TT Williams

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Her story
Donna has an ordinary life in Manhattan until she visits the headquarters of the sinister Dream Corporation with her friend Millie. Then life changes completely. Reality changes. Donna embarks on a series of incredible unworldly adventures.  Moving between the waking world and dream worlds, Donna begins to suspect that what we believe to be the real world, maybe something much more elaborate.

​Along with Millie and her new friend Geoff, for whom she develops strong feelings, she begins to peel back the skin of the onion, one layer at a time. This reveals the truth about who we are, how we came to be, and why we seem to be alone in the universe. Then she faces the biggest dilemma: Are we actually really awake?